Pay Dues

DuesPaymentTo provide our residents with online payment options for association dues, Edgewater has partnered with DuesPayment, an online payment solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of HOA communities and properties.

DUES ARE ASSESSED ANNUALLY.  Invoices are mailed out in December, with full payment for the new year typically due on Jan. 1.  The invoice will note any grace period allowed before late fees are assessed.

When you use DuesPayment to pay your Edgewater association dues, SELECT THE OPTION TO “MAKE PAYMENT”, and ENTER YOUR INVOICED AMOUNT.  Your payment is securely processed and deposited to EOA.  You will receive an email confirmation of your payment and EOA also receives a copy of the transaction.

IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE “AUTO-PAY.” Since dues are assessed annually, you would need to define the payment frequency as “Annual.”  However the annual dues amount can change from year to year, in which case you would have to remember to update the auto-pay information.

  Pay Dues Now

What kind of methods can be used to make a payment?

DuesPayment allows multiple payment options including credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks (ACH).  Please note that a service fee applies and is additional to your invoiced amount.

What are the fees?

Fees are per transaction and depend on the method used.  For online payments, fees are as follows:

  • Credit card – $13.95
  • Debit – $4.95
  • eCheck – $2.00

How do I set up an account?

Visit the DuesPayment website and select “Setup Account.”

NOTE:  If you go directly to and search for Edgewater, you will see 3 listings for our neighborhood.  You MUST select “Edgewater Owners Association” (not “Inc”, and not “Payment Form”).  If you use the links on this page, you will not need to do this step as the correct association will already be selected for you.

  1. Enter you name, address, email (necessary for an emailed receipt), property address, and select a user name and password.  If you have multiple properties, you only need enter a single property address.  The EOA office has a record of which properties you own.
  2. Add a payment method under “My Accounts.”  If you skip this step, you will still be able to make a payment, you will just need to enter credit/debit card or banking account information at the time of payment.
  3. You are now able to make a payment right away, or go to the Main Menu to view and manage other options.

How do I make a payment?

Once you have received your invoice from EOA in the mail, and you wish to pay online, login to DuesPayment and Select “Make Payment.”

Note that the invoiced amount will NOT be shown, you will need to enter it.

Enter the amount indicated on your invoice.  Hit “Continue” and you will now select your payment method.  You may select an account that you have already set up, or enter a new method.  The service fee for each method is shown.

Confirm the payment and you will shortly receive an emailed receipt.

What about multiple properties?

If you have multiple properties, while your account will only have one of the property addresses associated with it, the EOA office has a record of the total properties and you will simply enter the total amount invoiced.  The payment will be applied to the appropriate properties.

Other Ways to Pay

Online – Click the link to pay dues quickly at

By Phone – Pay dues by phone by calling (866) 807-0938.

Text – Reply to a text message to pay dues on the go.