Covenants & Bylaws

Green Book (Covenants)

The Declaration of Protective Covenants is the Association’s “source document”, traditionally referred to as the “Green Book” and/or the “Covenants”.

Carriage Hill Covenants

Carriage Hill has additional covenants specific to that subdivision that can be viewed here.

Blue Book (ASHUR)

The Architectural Standards and Homeowners Use Restrictions (ASHUR) is a supplement to the “Covenants” focused on architectural standards and use restrictions, traditionally referred to as the “Blue Book”.

Reminder:  Be sure and review BOTH the Green Book AND the Blue Book!


Exhibit D of the Declaration of Protective Covenants define the Bylaws of Edgewater Owners Association. The focus of this Exhibit is the Association’s Board of Directors and the conduct of the Association’s business.

Process for Architectural Review

Remember, if you have a project that will affect or alter the exterior of your home or landscaping, the EOA Covenants require that you obtain approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  See the Forms page for ARC application or waiver request.

Forms and Applications

Fence Colors

For fences along Edgewater Drive, they MUST be painted one of the approved colors below:

 Approved Fence Colors