Clubs & Classes

Contact Information and Meeting Times

Community Service

  • Community Outreach – Neighbors helping neighbors. The Edgewater Community Outreach is a group of volunteers within the Edgewater community ready and willing to lend neighbors a helping hand in time of need:  new baby, illness, surgery or death in family. Volunteers may be able to temporarily help with meal preparation, calls to check up on the elderly or homebound; neighborly support in a family crisis, transportation to/from medical treatment or running family errands in a crisis or emergency (as volunteers are available).  New volunteers are always welcome.
  • Adopt-a-Mile – Sign up to pick up Zeirdt Road, volunteers needed once a month.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Garden Club – All residents interested in learning and sharing gardening tips are welcome. No gardening experience required!
  • Woodworking – Meets at least once a month. Hosts Annual Arts & Crafts Show.
  • Investment Club – Meets once monthly.
  • The Ladies of Edgewater Book Club – The book club is open to all Edgewater ladies who enjoy reading and sharing their thoughts and insights with others. This is a casual, easy group. No pressure, no pretense…just a love of books and friendship.

Card Games

  • Hand and Foot – Meets once a month.
  • Party Bridge – Meets twice a month

Health and Fitness

  • Fitness Classes – Each class meets three times weekly. There is a fee and usually a waiting list.
  • Water Aerobics – Additional morning workout class during the summer months. Fee based.
  • Simple Yoga – Meets three times a week. There is a fee.
  • Mixed Doubles – “Round Robin” tennis, meets once a week.
  • Men’s Tennis –  meets once a week.

For Kids

  • Swimming Lessons – During the summer months when a certified teacher is available, small limited classes. Fee based.
  • Tennis Clinic – Organized by neighborhood tennis enthusiasts and volunteers, for all levels of play from beginner to advanced, for neighborhood children ages 6-18. Fee based.
  • Children’s Play Group – There is a group of children that play at least once a week.

Contact Information and Meeting Times